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Leave lasting legacy with a fund that fulfills your charitable goals

Establishing a fund at Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation is an easy way to fulfill charitable goals and to leave a lasting legacy.

We will work with you to understand your goals and consider options regarding such topics as:

- Charitable objectives and financial benefits

- Appropriate type of fund

- Naming the fund

- Assets to contribute and timing of gift

- Key specifications regarding operation of fund


There is no obligation to discuss a possible fund.  There is no obligation to get a draft fund agreement for you to review and identify wanted changes.  There is no setup charge to put a new fund into operation.


Depending on your charitable goals, you might be interested in one of these types of funds:

Agency and designated funds provide support for specific nonprofit organizations and projects

Betterment funds meet changing community needs

Deferred gift funds provide current income to donor as well as future gifts for selected charitable causes

Donor-advised funds provide for donor involvement in grant making

Field-of-interest funds provide for grants within donor-specified areas of interest (such as health or education)

Scholarship funds help qualifying students pursue educational opportunities


Most types of funds can be set up as an endowment funds if donors desire.  To learn more about the power of an endowment fund to do charitable good, go to Power of Endowment page.


When you are ready to put a new fund into operation, the Community Foundation can handle  many types of charitable gifts .

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your charitable goals

Our telephone number is 308-534-3315

Community Fundraising Campaigns

  • Help renovate North Platte Community Playhouse
    Help renovate North Platte Community Playhouse

    Help make needed renovations at the North Platte Community Playhouse’s Neville Center for Performing Arts in the historic Fox Theatre Building. To donate online to the North Platte Community Playhouse Fund go to the Donate page on this website.

  • Add connections to North Platte trails
    Add connections to North Platte trails

    Help add connecting trail segments to North Platte trails.  To donate online to North Platte Trails Network Fund go to the Donate page on this website.

  • North Platt Community Build Playground
    North Platt Community Build Playground

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