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Scholarship FAQ

Who is eligible for a scholarship with the ONE Application for many Scholarships?

The large majority of our scholarships are for graduating high school seniors, students already in college and others who reside or go to school in the North Platte area including the Nebraska counties of Custer, Dawson, Lincoln, Frontier, Hayes, Hooker, Keith, Logan, McPherson, Perkins and Thomas.

Also, there are some scholarships available for residents of Nebraska who reside outside of North Platte area.


How do I know which scholarship to apply for?

ONE Application for many Scholarships that matches applicants to ALL scholarship opportunities for which they are eligible at this time. There is ONE online application for 72 different scholarship opportunities with more than 125 scholarship awards.


What will I need to apply?

  • A computer or tablet and internet access

  • An email address you check frequently and have permanent access to (not your high school email)

  • Basic information about your educational history and college plan

  • Current transcript with GPA (official or unofficial)

  • Information about your work history, community service, leadership experience, and extracurricular activities

  • A personal statement about your educational, career and personal goals and plans

  • Email addresses of two people who can provide a character reference

If you want to apply for financial need-based scholarships, you will:

  • Upload the first two pages of your FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) that identifies you and shows Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

  • Tell how you plan to pay to attend college


How do I submit Character References?
You will provide one reference from a school- related person and one from another adult person who knows you and who is NOT related to you. You will enter the email address of each reference into the application and then your references will be sent an
email to access the reference form online. Completed reference forms will be attached automatically to your application and you will not see them.


Can I send a paper application?
No; all scholarship applications are accepted online.


The online program is not allowing me to submit my application. Why?

The online program will not accept incomplete (including required attachments) or late applications. Check your application to ensure you have answered every required question and that you have uploaded all required attachments.


What will strengthen an application?

Accurately answer all required questions. Provide requested information. Provide thoughtful and well-written personal statement. Chose people who know you and your capabilities to ask to complete reference forms about you.


I have been asked to provide a character reference for a student. When is it due?  Do applicants see reference forms?

The email requesting the reference also includes the deadline. It is generally one week after the student’s application deadline.  The questions will take very little time to complete and will provide strength to the student’s application.  Your comments will be attached automatically to the scholarship application and applicants do not see them.


Is there a tutorial that can help guide me through the application process?

Yes, here is a link to a written tutorial:

Applicant Tutorial - Scholarships (Universal Application) - Google Docs


Where may scholarships be used?

Many scholarships may be used at any accredited US college or university. Others may only be used at a Nebraska institution and some are limited to specific institutions because of criteria established by donors. Knowing your educational plan and goals will help the ONE Application system find the scholarship opportunities that fit your plans.


How are scholarship recipients selected?

The selection process for almost all scholarships is competitive. Scholarship review committees are comprised of volunteers in our community who are invested in the future of young people in their communities and in helping qualified students help pay educational expenses. Selection of award recipients is based on the specific criteria for each scholarship.


When and how will I find out if I’m awarded a scholarship?

Recipients are notified by mail and email typically in May.  


What happens if I am selected as a scholarship recipient?

The award letter and email will provide details about how to accept the scholarship. Generally, you will be asked to complete a Follow Up form on the scholarship portal that confirms your college plans. The award will be paid directly to your college, university or school to be applied to your student account.


Is it appropriate to thank my scholarship donor directly?

A thank you note goes a long way to show appreciation to donors. We encourage scholarship recipients to express appreciation for the financial help and tell something about themselves and their goals.

We will advise scholarship recipients of names and addresses of the donors who made specific scholarships possible whenever possible.


What expenses can scholarships cover?

Scholarships may be used to offset tuition, fees and other qualifying educational expenses. The Foundation only awards scholarships to students attending US educational institutions in the United States.


When will scholarship awards by paid?

Typically, we mail scholarship checks directly to the school in July/August for the upcoming fall semester. Larger scholarships are paid in two payments, half in July/August and the other half in January for spring semester.


What happens if I change schools after I’ve been awarded a scholarship?

You must notify Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation if you change your college choice or transfer to a new school.


How are scholarship criteria and opportunities determined?

The individual, donor, group, or organization who established the scholarship fund determines the selection criteria. Those interested in establishing a scholarship fund may contact Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation.


Who may I contact with a question not answered here?

Contact Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation, 308-534-3315.

Community Fundraising Campaigns

  • Add connections to North Platte trails
    Add connections to North Platte trails

    Help add connecting trail segments to North Platte trails.  To donate online to North Platte Trails Network Fund go to the Donate page on this website.

  • The City of North Platte plans to renovate the Cody Park Tennis Courts into a multi-sport facility with eight new competition-worthy Tennis Courts and ten new Pickleball Courts. This multi-sports facility will also have additional features, including spectator seating, equipment storage and nearby restrooms.

  • Due to the sport's growth and the tournaments that are now held in North Platte, more courts are required in the community. In order to satisfy the demands of the expanding sport in North Platte, the North Platte Pickleball Association and the City of North Platte are collaborating to upgrade the Cody Park Tennis Courts into a multiport facility with ten dedicated pickleball courts.

  • The North Platte Tennis Association is working together with the City of North Platte to raise funds for a new multisport facility in Cody Park with eight new competition-worthy tennis courts along with spectator seating and other amenities

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