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Charitable Grant funds help donor goals and dreams come true

Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation serves charitable people and helps nonprofit organizations and projects.  The Community Foundation administers and invests charitable funds to provide grants to nonprofit organizations.  Each fund has its own charitable purpose and specifications, typically established by the original donor(s).  

There are several different kinds of grant funds:

Agency and designated funds provide support for specific nonprofit organizations and projects

Betterment Grant funds meet changing community needs

Community funds benefit specific communities

Deferred gift funds provide for future charitable gifts

Donor-advised funds provide for donor involvement in grant making

Field-of-interest funds provide for grants within donor-specified areas of interest (such as Applegate Grants for Teachers)

Operations funds provide support for administrative activities of the Community Foundation


Each Grant Fund can be specified to invest for long-term returns, for intermediate returns or for short-term returns depending on time perspective and investment risk tolerance.


Applegate Grants for Teachers

We are pleased to announce that approximately $100,000 is available during this school year for grant awards from the John Russell Applegate Fund for Teachers for training and support of K-12 teachers at elementary and secondary schools located in the West Central Nebraska counties of Arthur, Custer, Dawson, Frontier, Hayes, Hooker, Keith, Lincoln, Logan, McPherson, Perkins and Thomas. 

Betterment Grants

The Community Foundation awards Betterment Grants to qualifying nonprofit organizations.  The Community Foundation considers grant applications that promise to make significant and direct contributions to people in the North Platte area in one of the following fields of interest: community development, culture, education, environment, health, or human services.  The North Platte area includes Lincoln County and the 11 nearby counties of Arthur, Custer, Dawson, Frontier, Hayes, Hooker, Keith, Logan, McPherson, Perkins and Thomas.  

Community Fundraising Campaigns

  • Add connections to North Platte trails
    Add connections to North Platte trails

    Help add connecting trail segments to North Platte trails.  To donate online to North Platte Trails Network Fund go to the Donate page on this website.

  • The City of North Platte plans to renovate the Cody Park Tennis Courts into a multi-sport facility with eight new competition-worthy Tennis Courts and ten new Pickleball Courts. This multi-sports facility will also have additional features, including spectator seating, equipment storage and nearby restrooms.

  • Due to the sport's growth and the tournaments that are now held in North Platte, more courts are required in the community. In order to satisfy the demands of the expanding sport in North Platte, the North Platte Pickleball Association and the City of North Platte are collaborating to upgrade the Cody Park Tennis Courts into a multiport facility with ten dedicated pickleball courts.

  • The North Platte Tennis Association is working together with the City of North Platte to raise funds for a new multisport facility in Cody Park with eight new competition-worthy tennis courts along with spectator seating and other amenities

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