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Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds open doors to more education and opportunity for qualifying students.


About Scholarship Funds

Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation serves charitable people who want to provide scholarships to help students with steadily increasing costs of education.

The Community Foundation administers, invests and awards scholarships from more than 100 different scholarship funds.  Each scholarship fund has its own charitable purpose and specifications, established by the original donor(s).  Each year, well over $250,000 is paid from these funds for more than 200 scholarship awards benefiting qualifying students.

Original donors specify the purpose, eligibility and selection criteria, where scholarships can be used, funding levels and name of scholarships.

Learn more about the Power of Endowments to help students for years to come.

Some of our scholarships are targeted for applicants meeting very specific criteria. To view Scholarships Available click here.

Click Here to view a list of all our Scholarship Funds


Community Fundraising Campaigns

  • Add connections to North Platte trails
    Add connections to North Platte trails

    Help add connecting trail segments to North Platte trails.  To donate online to North Platte Trails Network Fund go to the Donate page on this website.

  • The goal is to provide North Platte with quality pickleball facilities, create fun and exciting recreational and competitive events as well as improve the physical and mental well-being of our citizens.

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