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Creating an Organization Fund

Creating an Organization Fund for your nonprofit can be incredibly beneficial in many ways. By transferring certain assets to a trusted Community Foundation and designated beneficiary, you can rest assured that your organization will continue to benefit from the fund for years to come. What's particularly powerful about Agency Funds is that they allow you to continue doing the work you're passionate about, without having to constantly worry about where the funding is coming from.

This kind of financial stability frees up valuable time and energy to focus on making a positive impact in your community. Knowing that your nonprofit is supported by a well-established fund can be incredibly heartening and motivating, inspiring you to aim higher and achieve even more for the people you serve. By creating an Agency Fund, you're not just investing in your nonprofit's future - you're investing in your own passion for making the world a better place.

If you'd like to create a fund for your nonprofit, please reach out to us.