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Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds

Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation serves charitable people who want to provide scholarships to help students with steadily increasing costs of education.

Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation administers, invests, and awards scholarships from more than 100 different scholarship funds.  Each scholarship fund has its own charitable purpose and specifications established by the original donor(s).  Each year, well over $250,000 is paid from these funds for more than 150 scholarship awards benefiting qualifying students of all ages, backgrounds, and educational interests.

Original donors specify the purpose, eligibility and selection criteria, where scholarships can be used, funding levels and the name of scholarships.





Joe and Dorthey Conger

Joe and Dorthey Conger are truly inspiring individuals. Their deep belief in education as a key to unlocking doors has led them to create many scholarships, including the Joe and Dorthey Single Mom Scholarship at Mid Plains Community College. This scholarship is a tribute to Joe's mother, who worked tirelessly to provide for her family as a single mom.

The couple understands firsthand the challenges faced by single mothers, especially those who are also trying to further their education. Their charitable goals is to help ease the financial burden and support these women in their academic pursuits. This scholarship is a testament to Joe and Dorthey's unwavering commitment to improving the lives of those in their community.