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Serving Donors

Ways to Give

There are many ways to support your charitable interest – The choice is yours.

How involved do you want to be in your grantmaking? Do you want to give to a specific organization or a specific area of interest? Launch a scholarship to honor or memorialize a loved one? Restrict your giving to a particular county in Nebraska and/or fund internationally? Create or continue your business giving program? Whatever you're giving goals, there is a fund option for you.

A fund at Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation can operate like a private foundation but without the administrative and legal burdens associated with private foundations. When you establish a fund at the Foundation, you choose from a variety of fund options, depending on the degree of involvement you desire.  


Types of Funds

Administrative Funds support the Foundation's operations.

Betterment Funds support the changing needs of our communities and region through competitive grants.

Designated Funds are designated for a specific purpose or project.

Donor Advised Funds are overseen by the fund creator or their designated representative.

Field of Interest Funds support donor-specified areas of interest.

Organization Funds support local nonprofit organizations.

Scholarship Funds support scholarships awarded through a competitive process each year.