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Serving Donors

What We Do

We help charitable people support their favorite causes and leave lasting legacies.

Whether you're looking for a way to establish your philanthropic legacy or support causes close to your heart right now, the Mid Nebraska Community Foundation can help.   We assist people from all walks of life in creating customized funds and structures for their charitable giving.  

Rather than requiring major wealth or assets upfront, we enable compassionate community members to start funds of any size. Pool your dollars with others to magnify your generosity. Specify causes or nonprofits you wish to sustain annually. Or keep your options flexible to respond to evolving needs. With our charitable vehicles, your donations can work for you and your community for years to come.  

No gift is too modest. We make it simple for good-hearted people to give back on their own terms and timeline.  We can facilitate thoughtful, effective philanthropy tailored to your means today and your dreams for tomorrow. Let us help you plan a charitable strategy that leaves a legacy consistent with your values.

Lastly, we encourage individuals to prioritize estate planning. Regularly reviewing and updating your will and estate plans is vital. We recommend conducting an annual review, considering any changed circumstances and consulting with financial advisors. Understanding the significance of estate planning is essential.