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Above and Beyond Award to Sam & Lynda Perry

Beginning in 1991, Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation has honored people whose efforts on behalf of the Community Foundation and the North Platte area have been far “Above and Beyond” the norm.

Sam and Lynda Perry are this year’s recipients of the Above and Beyond Award because of their commitment and contributions to the North Platte area as well as to Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation.

Sam and Lynda have served a combined total of 14 years on the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors.  They established a charitable fund and generously supported other funds at the Community Foundation benefiting worthy causes in this region.

Sam Perry grew up in Gothenburg and Lynda grew up in Banner County south of Scottsbluff.  Sam earned his medical degree and he wanted to establish his pediatric medicine practice in North Platte.  Sam and Lynda came to North Platte in 1975.  They bought a cabin at Lake Maloney and later built their current home on the same lot at the lake.

They came to North Platte with the expectation that they would stay, make their home at the Lake and get involved in the community and they did.

In addition to giving much attention to raising sons Sam and Mitch, for more than 20 years Lynda had a mental health counseling practice that included behavioral issues such as eating disorders.

Both Sam and Lynda worked on issues related to the well-being of children including serving on child abuse prevention boards.

During his years as a practicing pediatric physician, Sam promoted North Platte as a place for other physicians to practice medicine and a great place to raise a family.   

Sam enjoyed running for many years and they both enjoyed walking.  Sam started promoting a trail at Lake Maloney in the mid-1990s.  Together Sam and Lynda were leaders in the funding and development of four connecting trail segments at Lake Maloney.

Both Sam and Lynda now are retired from their professional practices.  They have stayed in North Platte because they love North Platte and their friends are here.

Sam and Lynda Perry regularly find ways to show their pride in the community of North Platte and Lake Maloney.

Community Foundation elects officers for 2021-22

Alan J. Erickson was elected president of Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation for its new fiscal year beginning June 1, 2021.  Other officers elected by the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors are: Joe Staroska, vice president, and Maris Schad, secretary-treasurer.

“I'm excited about how the Community Foundation helps generous people, worthy nonprofits and good projects.” Erickson said. 

Erickson is principal of Erickson Investments in North Platte.  Erickson has served 16 years on the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors. 

Several new directors were elected to the Community Foundation's Board of Directors.  Recently elected to the Board of Directors for the first time were: Steve Chatelain, Scott Orr and Emily Wurl.  Recently elected to the Board for a new 3-year term were: Travis Covey, Rodney Dye, Lindsay Pedersen, Sam Perry, Susan Ries, Brenda Robinson, Maris Schad, Joe Staroska and Kimberly Steger. 

Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation primarily serves North Platte, Lincoln County and the 10 nearby counties of Custer, Dawson, Frontier, Hayes, Hooker, Keith, Logan, McPherson, Perkins and Thomas.  In the past 12 months, the funds of the Community Foundation paid out well over $1 million in scholarships for college students and grants to non-profit organizations.  

 “There are many advantages to donors and their advisors in working with the Community Foundation,” according to Eric Seacrest, Executive Director.  “Most of the funds administered by the Community Foundation are lasting legacies for donors that support charitable causes in a tax-advantaged manner.”  The Community Foundation also administers charitable funds for many other nonprofit organizations.

2018 Housing Study for Lincoln County and North Platte

The results of the 2018 Housing Study for Lincoln County and North Platte have been released.  The study was authorized by five funding partners, including the Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation, to get the facts, statistical analysis and future recommendations on addressing housing issues in our community.  It was prepared by Marvin Planning Consultants. For a copy of that study, please click the link below.

Community Fundraising Campaigns

  • Help renovate North Platte Community Playhouse
    Help renovate North Platte Community Playhouse

    Help make needed renovations at the North Platte Community Playhouse’s Neville Center for Performing Arts in the historic Fox Theatre Building. To donate online to the North Platte Community Playhouse Fund go to the Donate page on this website.

  • Add connections to North Platte trails
    Add connections to North Platte trails

    Help add connecting trail segments to North Platte trails.  To donate online to North Platte Trails Network Fund go to the Donate page on this website.

  • North Platt Community Build Playground
    North Platt Community Build Playground

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