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About Us

Board of Directors

Our esteemed Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated community leaders who willingly offer their service. They possess unwavering integrity and devotion to the North Platte area, while bringing a diverse range of experiences, skills, and achievements.

The Board diligently oversees operations and prudent investment of assets to uphold trust, honor commitments, and adapt to evolving needs.

The 2024-2025 Board of Directors are:

  • Dan O’Neill, President
  • Brandon Jones, Vice President
  • Amy Engel, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Leanne Anderson
  • Ronald Boyer
  • Charles Burwick
  • Steve Chatelain
  • Randy Clavel
  • Marcus Doughty, OT
  • Alan J. Erickson
  • Kelley Hasenauer, DNP
  • Libby Lashley
  • Lowell Moore
  • Scott Orr
  • Jim Paloucek
  • Brenda Robinson
  • Sarah Schaffer, PhD
  • Amy Stefka
  • Kimberly Steger
  • Larry Stobbs
  • Mary Thompson
  • Andrea Wenburg
  • Jane Wilkinson
  • Emily Wurl

We are grateful to all the community leaders who have donated their time and talents in support of Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation!