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Betterment Grants are awarded to projects that benefit people and qualified nonprofit organizations in the 12-county North Platte region.  Betterment Grants are made to qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations and qualified public government organizations or agencies.  Types of projects that receive Betterment Grants include: facility improvements, equipment, technology, vehicles, repairs, community events, safety, new services, training, community facilities, data systems, community disasters, beautification, shelter, new programs, assessments and planning.  Grants are not made to support ongoing operating budgets and activities, except for response to community disasters.  

Grant award amounts vary from project to project.  Grant awards last year ranged from $500 to $35,000.  Not all grant applications receive a grant award and grant awards may vary from requested amounts.  A grant application typically is strengthened by evidence of project funding from other sources.

Grants are awarded four times per year and applications deadline dates (and expected notification times) are:

- January 15 (by early March)
- April 15 (by early June)
- July 15 (by early September)
- October 15 (by early December)

Please be familiar with the Betterment Grant Policy.